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why do allergies make you sick

One of the most common questions asked by people who are prone to allergies is “Why do allergies cause you to be sick?” The simple answer is that allergies cause the immune system to overreact. Sometimes, this overreaction causes your body to create antibodies that target the individualwhich can cause symptoms such as itchy throat, runny nose or red and inflamed eyes. Other times , the immune system will produce immunoglobulin, which blocks the formation of certain types of mucus in the gums and larynx.


Some people experience a runny nasal dailybut others experience it occasionally. If you have an uncontrollable runny nose often complain of the throat becoming sore, sneezing and/or congestion. People with this condition may also develop conjunctivitis. The runny nose and itchy throat can be accompanied with coughs and chest congestion. Coughing is caused by the bacteria that cause the cold.


If the cold can`t be removed, then what alternatives do you have? It is best to consult a doctor who can prescribe medication to treat the itchy, irritated and runny eyes. You can inject the medication intravenously, through a vein, or consume them orally. In some instancesantihistamines can also be prescribed.


Most doctors will only provide only a few medications to patients at any one time. They will change the dosage if patients are taking more than normal doses of the medication. Some doctors will prescribe patients multiple medications. If symptoms such as a dry nose and itchy eyes and coughs and chest congestion are present, the doctor might recommend an R.R. Spray for the nasal area about 15 minutes before you go to bed. Nasal sprays that contain antihistamine can reduce inflammation and ease discomfort.


Some people suffer from allergic reactions to airborne allergens found in the air. The symptoms of a runny nose are usually associated with eyes that are itchy and runny nose. A runny nose could be a sign that you have an allergic reaction to mold or dustpollen, smoke, animal pollen, or animal. These are all types of irritants that can be inhaled rapidly. Animal Dander is the most frequent reason for allergic rhinitis.


Why do allergies make you sick? Our bodies require certain substances to function correctly. Sometimes, however, our bodies aren`t able to produce enough of certain substances. This can cause a decrease in immune system function, which could cause inflammation and various other diseases.


The best way to prevent allergies is to keep your immune system healthy. By increasing our intake of vitamins, fiberantioxidants, minerals, and vitamins we can maintain our health at its peak. Healthy immune systems are less susceptible to being targeted by illness or. If the immune system isn`t working properly it can cause a range of ailments, including asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis.


In certain cases, the allergy and runny nose can be caused by seasonal changes. People can feel sick especially if they reside in warm climates during the spring and summer. A nose that is swollen and dry could be a signof this. To ease this,you can wrap your nose in a scarf and utilize a vaporizer. It can be uncomfortable to have an illness during winter and fall. Utilizing a humidifier to keep your home warm can help help with a nasal congestion.


Some foods, such as milk and wheat products can cause allergic reactions. These allergens can be difficult to identify since they may have different namesbut all typically cause a runny nose congested nose, and even sneezing. Avoid foods that could cause allergies if you suspect that you might have allergies. For instance, if notice that you are allergic to cow`s products, try drinking a beverage made of soy instead.


Another reason for a runny nose and allergies is mold. Mold can be found throughout the world and can be a major threat to your health. Mold can be found in a variety of locations and must be eliminated as soon as possible. Make sure to clean your nasal passages with an antifungal medication like Epson salt or tea tree oil. These can both help get rid of the various symptoms associated with allergies.


Some people are allergic or sensitive to certain foods. If you think this might be the case, take a test to see if this is true. Do take note that a change in diet alone won`t be able to cure allergies. You may need to also learn to be more cautious with the food you eat. It may be necessary to pay more attention when you eat out at an establishment. These tips can help to relieve any symptoms of allergies.