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There are many ways to improve a woman`s confidence, including how they feel about their female reproductive area. For example, a unique part of a woman`s body is called the “cleft of Venus” or the pudendal cleft, named after the Roman goddess, of course. She was the empowerment of female beauty, sexuality, and desire. That`s why this part of the body where the labia majora meets the outer vaginal lips is named after this powerful female figure,

Venus, who stands for all the gorgeous women in the world.  The pudendal cleft, also called the vulvar slit or urogenital cleft can change over time. Or some women are born with it looking a certain way. In either case, there is a procedure that can narrow this area into pure perfection. Let`s look at how liposuction can reconstruct this area in a procedure called the cleft of Venus narrowing.  

The Desire to Correct a Wide Cleft of Venus  

Many women want cleft of Venus narrowing done because there is extra tissue present in the area that makes it look wide or protruding. The pudendal cleft looks much more prominent with excess fat or tissue around the clitoral hood than it should. The desired look is a narrow slit with no unwanted fatty tissue there. Keep in mind that this is a part of the body that most women look at in the mirror when they are standing up.  Sometimes the area has the issue of vaginal laxity or looseness. The cause of this looseness has several factors, including going through childbirth vaginally, weight loss or gain, aging, or how the vaginal area looks genetically.  

If you have worked very hard on your body with the proper healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, and taking care of yourself, then you crave a specific look from head-to-toe. When that includes your cleft of Venus, a board-certified plastic surgeon can take this delicate area and reshape it to how you want it to look.  

More Confidence Undressed or In a Bikini 

As a woman, you can be your most confident self undressed in the bedroom after you have the cleft of Venus narrowing procedure. Some women often find that they appreciate how they look through a bikini or even just in their undergarments better. The silhouette of the cleft of Venus will look more flawless under sleek athleisure, yoga, or stretch pants. You won`t have to feel self-conscience about that area ever again.  What the Cleft of Venus Narrowing Procedure Includes The cleft of Venus narrowing procedure includes a clitoral hood and labia minora reduction and a labial puff which can restore a youthful appearance to this area. The loss of volume in that area is sometimes why the labial puff occurs. In addition, it adds filler to the outer vaginal area to make the labia majora narrow more evenly over the labia minora. The result is a slim and trim look to the pudendal cleft that is very appealing.  

Downtime and Recovery 

The after-effects of a cleft of Venus narrowing may be some minor swelling and bruising. That will go away after a few days. When the procedure is over, you can address any minimal discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication and a few days of rest. You`ll be back to your regular routine after two to three days.  The Self-Esteem Boost Is Amazing  Many women report a considerable boost in their self-esteem, both in life and in the bedroom, once they have the cleft of Venus narrowing procedure done. It`s truly a unique way to enhance female confidence. You are going to fall in love with having the perfect cleft of Venus. is your source for cosmetic gynecology information and resources.